Decluttering your Home

Tuesday Oct 11th, 2016


To be a clutter buster you’ve got to be able to identify which items are truly clutter, and which are not. Clutter can be tricky, because it can be almost anything, from obvious trash to the most expensive antiques.

Here are five guidelines to use to decide if something in your space could be CLUTTER.

1. Clutter Can Be Anything - Cheap Or Expensive, Sentimental Or Throw Away

Know what is, and is not, clutter. Many people’s preconceived notion of clutter is true trash and cheap junk that we don’t care about at all. But remember “One man’s junk can be another man’s treasure.” Don’t automatically overlook something because it cost a lot of money. Even expensive things, in a confined space, can be clutter, if they don't serve any purpose.

2. Too Many of a Thing - is Clutter

Too much of a “good thing” happens when you amass a large selection of one particular item.

Collections can quickly turn from something that makes us happy into clutter if we’re not careful. Determine if these items are truly worth the while, or just items using up precious space.

A reasonable number of a particular item, such as shoes, clothes, or kitchen gadgets can provide choice and variety. However, when you start to accumulate too many of a particular item it just becomes an overwhelming pile of clutter.

3. Items That “Used” To Be Functional - are Clutter

It often happens that we use an item for quite a while, and then our circumstances change and it is no longer quite as useful to us anymore. That’s when the item begins to collect dust in a corner - becoming clutter.

That’s the thing about clutter - it may have been useful stuff in the past. Be ever vigilant and notice when an item is no longer of use.

4. If You Don’t Have Room For It - It’s probably Clutter

You could have some really awesome stuff but if it doesn’t fit in your space, it’s clutter. This one is tough for even the most seasoned clutter buster, because people experience this all the time when downsizing. If it sits out collecting dust or becomes a tripping hazard, it just doesn’t belong there anymore.

Make sure you’re not devoting storage space to real clutter but make room for the important items. You only have so much space available. If you can’t make a home for something in your home, it unfortunately, may not belong there.

5. If You Don’t Love it or Use It - It’s Clutter

Everything in your home, or office, should, ideally, serve a purpose. It either helps you with something in your life, or makes you feel something positive each time you see it.

If you’ve got too much stuff, you simply can’t use all of it. After all, you can only wear so many clothes, or shoes, in a year! And remember, that if you haven’t used something for 6 months, or more, you probably won’t anytime soon, so, more than likely, it’s clutter…

You can only truly love so many things, and take the time to care for them, before you just don’t feel that attachment to those things anymore. Keep what’s important and ditch the rest!

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